Carbon Composition Resistor(CCR)

  • Carbon Composition Resistors(CCR)
  • Carbon Composition Resistors(CCR)
Carbon Composition Resistors(CCR)Carbon Composition Resistors(CCR)

Carbon Composition Resistors(CCR)

  • 1. Low inductance
  • 2. High pulse withstanding and high energy capability
  • 3. Solid rod carbon composition
  • Product description: Carbon Composition Resistors|CCR Resistors

Carbon Composition Resistors

The high pulse withstanding capability of the CCR series of carbon composition resistors from JDC Resistor offers designers a compact solution for applications involving high voltages and high-energy pulses.

Though, many resistor manufacturers claim to offer carbon composition replacements. However, these wirewound or thick film alternatives do not fully match the pulse performance and low inductance of carbon composition.

JDC now offers the industry a carbon composition resistor made up of a solid rod of conductive composite material, the chemical composition of which is altered to produce different resistance values.

The main advantage of carbon composition is their pulse handling capability. This is due to the fact that the entire rod conducts and so the thermal mass is far higher, which results in a higher energy capability. Due to the need for higher peak voltages, the CCR range is perfect for vehicle ignition system applications, medical monitoring equipment and as output resistors in defibrillators.


1. Low inductance, Solid rod carbon composition.
2. High pulse withstanding and high energy capability.
3. Resistance tolerance J(±5%), K(±10%) and M(±20%).
4. Products with Pb-free Terminations and RoHS compliant.
5. Power rating 1/4W and 2W, Resistance range 1.8Ω ~ 22KΩ.

1. Strobe Lighting, High Power Lighting.
2. Medical defibrillators, Welding, Automotive.
3. Protection (e.g. Discharge Circuits, Surge Protection).
4. Inrush Current Limiting, High Voltage Power Supplies.

Please download the specification of carbon composition resistors for more details.

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