Company news


1997.1  JDC found in Shenzhen

1998.5  Top 10 China resistor manufacturer

2002.3  Total revenue up to US Dolloar 1 Million

2005.8  Established cooperation with Huawei/TCL/CHANGHONG/Midea

2009.6  Be a supplier of Sumgsung and LG

2010.10 Started partnership with Japan IWAKI

2012.12 SiChuan manufacturing center - 10,000 Square Meter

2017.8  Dongguan manufacturing center - 3,000 Squate Meter

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Contact: Tom Tan

Phone: (86)-15602914508

Tel: (86)-755-28158718

Email: [email protected]

Add: 1st Floor, GUOYAO Industry Park, HUANGJIANG Town, DONGGUAN, GUANGDONG, China

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