Resume to normal operation since 24 Febuary

Dear Valueble customers,

Our factory already resumed to normal operation since 24 Febuary, all orders could be finished within 7-10 days.

Really sorry to hear that the COVID-19 is spreading the world, and we are able to buy masks in pharmacy with limited quantity. We'd like to help our customers to fight the virus together, 10pcs free masks will be shipped to you in your latest shipment.

We believe the human beings will beat the COVID-19 very soon, let's fight together!

Best Wishes to the world, best wishes to the Human beings!

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Contact: Tom Tan

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Tel: (86)-755-28158718

Email: [email protected]

Add: 1st Floor, GUOYAO Industry Park, HUANGJIANG Town, DONGGUAN, GUANGDONG, China

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