Blower Motor Resistors

  • Blower Motor Resistors(BMR)
Blower Motor Resistors(BMR)

Blower Motor Resistors(BMR)

  • 1. Blower Motor Resistors
  • 2. Resistance value: R10 - R56
  • 3. Rated Power: 20W - 50W
  • 4. Resistance Tolerance: ±5%, ±10%
  • Product description: Blower Motor Resistors, 20 types for different vehicles & Standard resistance value: R25 R30 R69 R24 R36 R56.

Blower Motor Resistor Construction:
1. Total 20 types include round ceramic tube resistors,flat ceramic tube resistors,square
ceramic resistors,aluminum tube series resistors,aluminum enclosure series resistors, etc.Used for Japanese,USA,German vehilces.
2. By using high alumina caremic tube with excellet heat sink ability and chrominum alloy resistance element with scientific project standard and the rigorous technique.
3. Terminal bands are spot welded after installation on the core to ensure excellent resistance shock and high stability.
4. The resistance element is coated with non-flammable resin to improve resistor life.
5. Fuse built-in for protecting resistors.


1.Felixble installation plastic buttom for different installation positions
2.Different resistance is on the same resistor are available. Standard Resistance value: R25 R30 R69 R24 R36 R56.
3.Customized model is available.

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